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Angelika was born in Poland and moved to America when she was six years old. Staying true to her Polish roots she is now a dual citizen of the United States and Poland.


Standing 5'10 with exotic Polish features she was quickly scouted over a decade ago by Moet & Chandon to be a model in one of their campaigns. It was then she discovered her passion and love for modeling. 


Since then she has a modeled for a diverse group of big name brands not only in print but on the runway as well. 

Modeling opened doors to being casted in movies and commercials, another great passion in her life.

Her greatest passion of all is completely off camera where she is devoted mother to her to boys and making the world a better place not only for those around her but those she has never even met.

She is devoted to using her platform to give back to society through charitable causes and shedding light on normalizing mental health and abusive struggles. She believes being exactly who you are is enough and you can overcome and do anything you put your mind to. No dream is out of reach or too big. Dream big and enjoy your journey getting there.

She is available for domestic and international bookings. 

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